sema Products


Film – Glass – Special chemicals



Bonded glass technology K410 for glass with protection up to 410nm


Further development of modified lignins for formaldehyde-free composite wood materials


New transparent ion conductive layers for textile electrodes


Further development of formulations on the basis of lignin


UV protection film with 400nm bandpass filter, semaSORB DK400®

Patent for UV protective glass with flexible 400nm-420nm UV bandpass filter, cooperation with the Tischlerei Spatzier GmbH, SKELDUS – The variable UV protective glass


Patent: Foil for the inhibition of potato sprouts during storage, cooperation with RKW Frankenthal

semaSORB PROBird 400 – effective bird collision deterrence, stick for applying transparent strips to glass/plastics


Development of a NIR formulation; additive for films and coating formulations


Synthesis of acrylate monomers with high index of refraction


Development of a UV protection formulation with 410nm bandpass filter –

Research cooperation with the Institute for Applied Photophysics (IAPP) of the Dresden University of Technology, Mr. Horst Hartmann (Prof. Dr.), on the development of innovative IR absorbers


Development of a synthesis for innovative VCI agents (VCI=Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) in cooperation with the Nordenia Deutschland Gronau GmbH


Development of coating formulations on PET/PMMA films with 400nm bandpass filter


Development of innovative getters for forensic science


Development of a fire-resistant, UV stabilised film in cooperation with the Schott AG


UV protective doping of PVB films for laminated safety glass with 400nm bandpass filter


Start of custom syntheses in the quantity range of 1g to 1000 kg


Development of UV protective and transparent coatings on a sol-gel basis for large glass coatings
A joint development with GMBU e.V. Dresden


Development of plant strengtheners and plant protection products based on renewable raw materials with patented mechanism of action

Synthesis of UV protective additives of the chemical class of substituted acrylic esters with the product name semaSORB®

Synthesis of selected UV protective additives based on renewable raw materials


Development of a process for the production of innovative, transparent UV protection formulas for large coatings

Move to Coswig, purchase of a 6000 m2 industry area and production start of UV protective substances


Development of a process for the manufacture of photochromic glasses


Foundation of the sema Gesellschaft für Innovationen mbH in Wolfen

From research to production

The two researchers Dr. Udo Dieckmann and Dipl.-Ing. Karin Rauch founded sema Gesellschaft für Innovationen mbH in 1998.

Both started with the development of a photochromically switching pouring recipe for a photochromically switching glass. This was followed by the synthesis of UV absorbers based on renewable raw materials and their processing into initial coating formulations. Since some representatives of these UV absorbers have a high absorption cross-section, it was possible to produce thin-layer transparent surfaces with a steep absorption edge at 400 nm. A transparent film with UV protection up to 400 nm was new in 2002.

In the meantime, we have been offering UV protection solutions for 20 years. Whether UV-protective films and UV-protective glasses reaching up to the visibility limit of 410nm or products for protection against bird strikes on windows and glass facades. Interest in UV protection products is high.

In addition, we manufacture special chemicals for corrosion protection, surface treatment of materials and forensic technology for securing evidence. We have a grown, extensive know-how, starting from the material development up to the transfer of the new developments into the production scale.

Thanks to our committed employees, we were able to register more than 10 patents.

Our products are used in all modern areas of glass architecture, in Vogesl protection, in the agricultural sector, in forensic technology, in the manufacture of functional flat glass films and in research and teaching.


Innovation forum in Bitterfeld-Wolfen in 2012
Topic: “Functional colouring agents – innovations in medicine and technology” Speech: “Industrial requirements on UV and NIR absorbers”
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