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Window films and bonded glass K410 with UV protection up to 400/410nm

Have you ever seen a picture literally fade? Or discovered yellowing on the valuable floor? – In most cases, you can assume that the invisible ultraviolet radiation is responsible for these damages.

» UV/VIS shield up to  380nm  or better up to 400/410nm ?

UV rays hit the Earth’s surface as part of the sun’s rays. They penetrate glass windows and plastics and do not stop at the interior. The formation of free radicals initialized by the UV radiation does not cause any visible damage at the beginning. This happens only in the course of time. The materials age prematurely and thus become unusable faster. The cause is a gradual photochemical degradation process within the material. Once this rapid aging process has started, it can not be stopped anymore.

Also modern bulbs, such. Halogen spotlights have so-called UV peaks. These also have a harmful effect on art objects in glass showcases and showcases. Particularly affected are pictures, photographs, fabrics, textiles and drawings. UV rays up to 400 nm and rays that go into the visual range of 410 nm are energetically highly active. Particularly sensitive to long wavelength UV radiation up to 400 nm are some types of liquid crystals, e.g. used in scoreboards. UV rays penetrate and destroy most colored organic materials. All plastics, wood products, colored and white surfaces, natural and synthetic resins and clearcoats, to name but a few representatives, are affected. Although these materials are very stable in visible light, they age faster after exposure to UV rays to 400/410nm.

Stadtmuseum Halle - window with a UV protection of 400nm

Stadtmuseum Halle – window with a UV protection of 400nm

Nolde Museum with UVA K410 windows

Nolde Museum with UVA K410 windows

We recommend:

The colourless UV protection film semaSORB DK400 is very suitable for subsequent retrofitting on windows and glass facades. Laminated safety glass with semaSORB FC400 is suitable for a new building where the windows are to be additionally protected against burglary. If the interiors and installations are to be protected against high-energy blue light, we recommend the new laminated glass K410.