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We offer self-adhesive, transparent UVA sun protection films and bird protection films under the name semaSORB PROBIRD DK400 for windows and glass facades.  The bird protection films are colourless and effectively prevent the dreaded bird strike on the window.

Sun protection films absorb the energetically high UV radiation up to a wavelength of 400nm and convert it into heat. The heat is released back into the environment so that only a part reaches the interior. In this way, the films contribute to a pleasant indoor climate in the summer months.  With the K410 laminated glass technology, UVA special glasses can be produced that completely absorb the blue spectral range up to 410nm.

The semaDK and semaSORB film products are universally applicable.  For example, windows and doors in single-family homes or in a rented property can be retrofitted with our UVA solar control film at any time.  Modern architecture and museums make use of the advantages of the new film application technology.  The window films can be removed from the glass surface without leaving any residue, even after many years.

For more than twenty years, our company has been dealing with topics related to curvilinear radiation protection.  Another speciality is our transparent self-adhesive bird protection films. Under the name PROBIRD DK400 we offer solutions for the protection of birds from bird strikes on glass facades. Modern architecture thrives on large glass surfaces.

Especially in cities with many glass and office buildings, it unfortunately happens time and again that birds fly against the glass panes and die.

Humans and animals feel the effects of climate change especially in the summer months. Large glass facades allow short-wave UV radiation to pass through unhindered. The rooms heat up additionally. Colour-neutral films and insulating glass windows with solar and radiation protection up to the short-wave blue range 400/410nm block the additional energy input and thus ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

We offer individual solutions for glass architecture, nature conservation, protection of surfaces and products in the field of special chemicals.

Our range of services includes custom syntheses, product development with upscaling as well as research cooperations on a national and international level.

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Film & Glass K410®

UV shields

Easy handling – GREAT effect: Large glass facades – for example in shopping centres, office buildings, museums, winter gardens, hospitals and detached houses – can be equipped with effective and permanent UV400 and heat protection. […]
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Prevent bird strike


Products that stop birds against hitting windows. It is not always possible for birds to recognise large glass surfaces of buildings in time. In the wolrd up to millions birds a day collide with the glass surfaces at full flying speed.[…]
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UV absorber

semaSORB® absorber

Benefit from our efficient UV absorbers and see for yourself how effective they are. They absorb the highly energetic UV rays in plastics and varnishes and unfold their protective properties by conversion into heat. […]
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