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High-reflective-index acrylate

High-reflective-index acrylate for intraocular lenses, flame retardants, anti-reflective layers and optical fibre

High-reflective-index acrylate is used for achieving total reflection at boundary layers.

Internal reflection is created by the change from low-reflective-index to high-reflective-index layers. This can be easily observed when visible light in glass or water incidents onto the boundary layer against air.

If the incidence angle is steep, refracted light is emitted. Only a small proportion is reflected. If the incidence angle exceeds the boundary angle, the degree of reflection rapidly increases to almost 100%, thus being higher as is the case of most mirrored surfaces.

The products are used in:
light-enhancing films, variation of the light coupling and/or light extraction, optical fibre, deflecting prisms, beam splitters, antireflection coating.