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NIR Absorbers

NIR Absorber  –  Efficient and Ready-To-Use
UV stability and material compatibility

Benefit from this innovative, highly efficient, ready-to-use NIR additive characterised by its high UV stability (400nm edge!) and material compatibility.

NIR radiation, the longwave and invisible part of the solar spectrum from 780nm, causes the heating of matter when absorbed by it.

If the exposure persists for a longer period of time or the intensity increases, an unpleasant feeling of heat is noted on the skin. In the event of strong solar radiation, the reduction of the NIR radiation enhances the room climate noticeably.

In the case of layers that strongly absorb longwave radiation, the entire basic material is heated. The heat stored in the layer is emitted to the surrounding air by convection.

The discharge of the heat is influenced by the air velocity of the convection. This means: The higher the air velocity, the higher the heat discharge. Thus, layers containing NIR absorbers are preferred for outer surfaces.

Ideal for technical applications