sema Products


Service for development, production and marketing

Custom syntheses

We perform the synthesis of special products on behalf of our customers.


  • Materials for functional coatings
  • High-Reflective-Index acrylate
  • Active substances for the passivation of AI surfaces
  • Active substances for corrosion protection
+ Range of Services
  • Anthraquinone dyes
  • Oxidations and Dehydrations Synthesis of aromatic carboxylic acids
  • Aromatic Reactions
  • Polymethine dye
  • Reactions of carbonyl groups
  • Purification of dyestuffs through crystallization Diazotization
  • Cleansing of fluids using vacuum distillation (inert gas atmosphere)
  • Dispersion dyes
  • Metal complex dyes

Development of additives and formulations

The application of layers with pre-defined properties using the latest coating technologies is possible in case of flexible and inflexible substrate such as films, plastics, glass or paper. We are the competent contact for our customers, from the casting formula to the industrial implementation using large-scale systems.

sema runs own laboratory casting and lamination facilities for cost-effective fine
optimisations. Technological large-scale experiments are conducted together with our cooperation partners using their facilities.

Accelerated Aging Test

The tests are performed in a special UV radiation room using a xenon radiation source that is capable of simulating the natural solar spectrum including UV radiation.

Duration of the Xe radiation: 1000-4000 h

*Tests can be performed with sample sizes of up to 1 m2.

Spectral Measurement

Measurement of the spectral absorption and transmission within the UV/VIS/NIR range

Spectral characterisation

UV/VIS up to 1100 nm
UV/VIS/NIR up to 2500 nm

Luminescence measurements
200nm to 800nm