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BIRD protection windows film SRL

Bird Collision Deterrence
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semaDK® Bird SRL

We offer a transparent bird protection film with an acrylate-based adhesive layer on the back, water-based self-adhesive.

The patterned strips are semi-transparent to protect birds against bird strike on glass facades. The film offers optimal protection on buildings surrounded by many trees and bushes, as in most cases less daylight arrives there.

The patterns plus the UV400 blocker increase the reflection of incoming sunlight and enhance the perception for animals in the surroundings. Birds perceive the windows as an obstacle from further away and turn away.

The wet bird protection film is preferably applied to the approach side of windows and glass facades.

When sunlight hits the window surface, the motifs become more visible, which results in moderate visual protection. Due to the solar reflective film structures, the bird perceives the glass surface as an obstacle via its optical sensors and turns away from the glass façade during its approach. A collision is prevented.

The window film semaDK Bird SRL is to be applied to single glazing, insulating glazing and plastic glazing preferably on the outside. An integrated UV400 blocker retains all UV radiation and counteracts additional summer heat gain. The bird protection film includes colour protection and counteracts yellowing.

The semaDK Bird SRL offers moderate privacy protection at the window due to the light stripes




  • The semaDK Bird SRL offers moderate privacy protection at the window due to the light stripesBird collision deterrence
  • Immediately effective – protection against bird strike
  • Transparent film with translucent motifs
  • Scratch resistant surface
  • Outdoor and indoor installation
  • UV protection up to 400nm
  • Colour protection
  • Splinter protection (on the side of the film in the event of glass breakage)


Roll width: 1250 mm (other roll widths on request)
Adhesive width: 1220 mm
Pre-cut sizes: according to demand


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