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Bird Tape DK400 *75mm

Bird Collision Deterrence
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About This Project

Wide transparent bird protection tapes

We offer self-adhesive and colourless transparent 75 mm wide bird protection tapes semaSORB PROBIRD DK400 Tape. The strips are suitable for application on windows and glass facades on the inside and outside.

The clear strips contain microscopically small motifs that are hardly visible and provide protection against bird strikes at the window.  The transparent stripes represent an invisible wall for birds. The birds turn around and fly around the panes. A bird impact is nearly prevented.

An overview of the plus points

  • Transparent & colourless
  • Full UV protection up to 400nm
  • Indoor or outdoor mounting
  • Simple and bubble-free installation
  • Durable and resistant
  • Abrasion resistant coating
  • Weather-resistant & self-adhesive
  • Suitable for all windows and glass facades

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Why full bird protection ?

We recommend that the wide bird protection tapes be applied to large windows and glass facades at regular distances of up to 75 mm. The strips signal the animals in flight – Here is a wall!  The bird protection tapes interrupt the light reflection on the glass window and improve the perception of the birds. They fly around the window.  The wide foil tapes are weather-resistant and retain their effectiveness for years.