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Bonded Glass K410

UV Protection
bonded glass, historic glass, laminated glass, museum glass, picture glass, UVA protection up to 410nm
About This Project

UV/VIS protection up to 410nm

The new bonded  glass absorbs UV rays and short-wave blue light up to 410 nm as an edge filter.

With the new  glass technology K410, it is possible to produce large-area glass elements that completely absorb the short-wave blue radiation up to 410 nm. This results in
a number of thermal, optical and building physics advantages which can be used in thin glass technology, in museums, listed buildings, in galleries, in office buildings with glass facades but
can also be used in the private sector, e.g. in conservatories.

The laminated glasses are manufactured in Germany and are available in various designs in the desired size and depending on the area of application.

The most important advantages at a glance

Thermal insulation
The short-wave rays of sunlight heat up buildings with large glass facades. This happens especially in the summer months, when the sun’s activity is strongest. Modern glass facades therefore have an IR coating. It retains the heat radiation of the sun, but not the short-wave blue component.

This high-energy component passes unhindered through the glass façade. The energy is converted into heat, which is released into the environment. The laminated glass technology K410 absorbs all radiation up to 410 nm and thus provides additional heat protection in summer.

Fading protection
The absorption of short-wave radiation up to 410 nm ensures all-round protection against fading, yellowing and undesirable changes or decomposition processes.
Contrast sharpness and contrast sensitivity The edge filtering of the blue-violet component down to 410 nm results in less stray light. This leads to an improved sharpness and

Contrast sensitivity
In humans, it protects the eyes from some of the high-energy rays emitted by smartphones, flat screens and energy-saving lamps. Light-dark adaptation is considerably facilitated.

Splinter protection
The elastic, transparent adhesive film between the two glass panes retains splinters in the event of glass breakage.

Colourless & Durable
K410 laminated glass remains stable even after 2000 hours of xenon radiation (artificial ageing). This guarantees a service life of at least 20 years under real conditions.
The glass remains clear and colourless.


Insulating glass
Antireflective glass
Picture glass
Thin glasses
Glass for restoration work
Museum glass



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