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Formaldehyde-free chipboard?

Formaldehyde-free chipboard?

Wood is glued with “wood

Previous chipboards are pressed on an industrial scale with adhesives containing formaldehyde.

In cooperation with VVB, MDF/HDF boards were produced with an adhesive formulation from renewable raw materials from the non-food sector.

The material is a modified LIGNIN and glues panels without the addition of formaldehyde.


Why LIGNIN- what is special about this material?

  • The advantage is that it is produced as excess lignin during pulp production
  • Lignin is NOT a staple food such as sugar
  • By refining the lignin by modifying it into an adhesive
  • A product is obtained that
  • Environmentally sound
  • “NON food” area
  • Sustainable and
  • Profitable and marketable

This development is patent pending at the German Patent Office

and at the European patent office a further patent is submitted.

It’s a genuine alternative for nature & economy.

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