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Historical glass up to 420nm

Historical glass up to 420nm

Historical window glass that absorbs harmful UV radiation into the short-wave blue range.

Single-pane glass for historical buildings, such as museums, often has low UV radiation protection. This is not a problem with modern multiple glazing. Window glass, for example, is pressed together with the special laminating film semaSORB FC400 at a temperature of approx. 130°C and under high pressure to form laminated safety glass (LSG). This is not possible with historically imitated special glasses, as these glasses have corrugated and uneven surfaces. Processing in an autoclave would break the glass into small pieces.

This is different with the new adhesive system. The adhesive is applied over the entire surface of the glass and joined to another flat glass. The UV/VIS protective edge can be adjusted up to 420nm without optical distortion. This makes it possible to produce the royal class of historically imitated glasses, mouth-blown glasses with full UV protection. The radiation protection can be extended to the high-energy, short-wave blue range.

The first historical windows have been manufactured with the new system and give the museums a new shine. This technology is particularly suitable for all types of mouth-blown and textured flat glass.

The advantages at a glance:

  •  Defined adjustable UV protection
  • Protection against radiation up to the short-wave blue range up to 420nm
  • Transparent & colourless up to the visibility limit
  • Long service life over many years
  • Sandwich technology
  • Very good price-performance ratio


This development is applied for a patent.

We are like to produce for you according to your specifications your individual UV protection glass.Did we arouse your interest?

We look forward to your inquiry.


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