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Project: sema EcoFoil

Project: sema EcoFoil

New storage method for fruit and vegetables by integration of an active ingredient depot in a foil

At a supermarket

At a supermarket

Drawing: EcoFoil -Storage

Drawing: sema EcoFoil -Storage

Foods such as potatoes, carrots, vegetables and fruit are available to consumers all year round. This is despite the fact that many basic foodstuffs can only be harvested seasonally due to climatic conditions.

In order for the market to meet the demands of the end consumer, staple foods with chemical active ingredients must be preserved over the long term.

Up to now, these chemicals have been applied directly to the food during storage, e.g. in the case of potatoes using the fogging process. This is intended to suppress sprout formation.

Our idea is based on a newly developed film that contains the active ingredient as a depot. Through air circulation, the active ingredient is released from the depot film in a contact-free, controlled, low-dose and economical manner. The air-active substance mixture surrounds the foodstuff evenly and penetrates the entire storage space.

EcoFoil- potatoes storage

sema EcoFoil – potatoes storage

Since only as much active ingredient can escape from the depot film as the storage air volume can transport, overdosing with active ingredients in the storage room is prevented.

The active ingredients no longer come into direct contact with the fruit and vegetables. The depot foil is simply hung over the stored food and remains there until the end of the storage period.





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