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Laminating film FC400

UV Protection
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Laminating film semaSORB® FC400

PVB films are used for the manufacture of laminated glass and laminated safety glass. While common PVB films absorb the UV rays up to approx. 380nm, the innovative semaSORB® FC400

films are capable of achieving permanent and almost complete UV protection up to a wavelength of 400nm without lending the glass a yellow tint.

Product description

Nano Coating
The special feature of the semaSORB® FC400 films is that an additional nano layer makes it possible to shift the UV protection edge of laminated glass/laminated safety glass into the visible

wavelength of up to 420nm. This means that individual specifications of the customer can be realized in small quantities.


Museums, shop windows, modern glass architecture


  • Roll length: 200 m – 300 m
  • Roll width:  up to 1600 mm
  • Film thickness: 0,38 mm; 0,76 mm
  • UV-protection:  at 400 nm


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