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Triazinderivative V

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Sealing additive for Anodized Aluminium

The anodizing process is an electrolytic oxidation of aluminum. There is a method of surface treatment for generating a protective layer on aluminum by anodic oxidation.

Why is the compaction so important?

The compacting is the final step in the anodizing process. After anodizing, the porous structure of the oxide layer by compacting, Sealing, permanently sealed.

The oxide layer is 5-30 microns thick and may comprise for example color pigments. Without the compression process, the color broke quickly out of the aluminum pores. The material corrodes.

Compacting ensures that the pores remain closed permanently. The color and the glossy surface of the aluminum is therefore retained for a long time.

Code: 8060
CAS:  79135-90-3

Chemical Name: 3,​3′,​3”-​(1,​3,​5-​Triazine-​2,​4,​6-​triyltriimino)​tris[2-​hydroxy-​5-​sulfo-​benzoic acid] trisodium salt

Formula: C24H15N6Na3O18S3
Molecular weight: 840,57
Appearance: light gray powder
Melting point: > 300°C
Identity: UV/VIS Spectrum

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