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Sun protection semaDK® Lux

UV Protection
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About This Project

The glare protection for high sunlight

Window workstations have the advantage that natural light enters the rooms. This makes working at the PC easier. However, if the sun shines directly into your face, it blinds your eyes and often leads to headaches.

Especially people with an increased sensitivity to glare suffer more often from the short high light inputs.

With the anti-glare film semaDK Lux, high light incidence at the window is optimally reduced over the entire visible spectral range up to 750 nm. The result is a pleasant room climate with very good visibility through the window to the outside.

Advantages at a glance

  • Sun protection film with UV protection & glare protection
  • Colour: blue-grey
  • UV radiation protection up to 380nm
  • Darkened & transparent film
  • Clear view during daylight
  • Moderate summer heat protection
  • Suitable for windows & glass facades
  • Self-adhesive by wet bonding
  • Scratch resistant film
  • Easy handling
  • Can be removed at any time without leaving residues

Further Information

Glare protection by reducing the passage of light
Solar radiation is visibly retained.

Summer heat protection
In the summer months, high doses of energy-rich solar radiation enter the interior through the windows. The film retains a large part of the radiant energy up to the near infrared range and does not penetrate into the interior. Glare protection and a pleasant indoor climate are the result.

High transparency
Neutral colours – blue-grey clear film

Glare protection
Ensures good lighting conditions with a high level of light penetration.

Easy Handling
The film is easy to apply to all glass surfaces on the inside and can be removed at any time without leaving any residue

The glare protection effect lasts for years.

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