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Zwille – climbing stop tree foil

Bird Collision Deterrence
climbing stop, nest box, tree foil, young birds, Zwille
About This Project

Zwille climbing stop

is a transparent and stable foil that is wrapped around the tree.  It protects young birds from nest robbers and prevents them from climbing up the tree.

Rock martens, raccoons and cats are very good climbers. Especially during the birds’ breeding season, they climb trees purposefully up to the nest box.

When they reach the top, they sit down on the roof of the nesting box and try to reach the nestlings with their paws from above through the flight hole.  If this does not work, they drum around on the roof until the parent bird flies out startled. At that moment they grab and kill the parent bird.

The nestlings that starve to death are left behind.  It is estimated that millions of songbirds fall victim to bird predators every year.

A completely different problem is faced by homeowners with unwanted rooftop residents.

Raccoons and martens like to climb up house walls and gutters. Both use trees and gutter downpipes to get along the house wall and over the roof into the interior of the house.

Advantages at a glance

    • Colourless, stable foil
    • Smooth surface
    • Light can be unhindered by
    • Air channels between tree and film prevent mould growth
    • Weatherproof
    • Easy mounting

Video-Assembly instruction

Is the film suitable for all trees?

Zwille Kletterstopp is recommended for all trees that have a nesting box.   The foil is 60cm high and 110cm long or wide. It can be used to wrap trees with a maximum circumference of 104 cm.

Attach the Climbing Stop to the tree from a minimum height of 130cm. Climbing up to the nesting box is interrupted. Adjoining trees, which allow nest robbers to climb over them, should also be equipped with a slingshot climbing stop.