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VCI Depot film semaDT180

Corrosion, Depot, film, Inhibitor, VCI, Volatile
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VCI Depot film – Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor

No primary, secondary or tertiary amine compounds
No nitrite compounds

VCI refers to volatile inhibitors that protect metal surfaces from corrosion.

Volatile corrosion inhibitors provide fast and effective protection of metal surfaces. The transparent VCI Depot film semaDT180 can be used immediately after washing and drying the metal products. A waiting time is not necessary. After packaging the often still hot metal parts, the VCI molecules immediately penetrate out of the depot film. They enclose the metal surface so tightly that no water molecules can accumulate. The metal remains protected.


Corrosion protection immediately –  Choice for  VCI Depot film semaDT180

Suitable for:

Military, armament industry, metallurgy, machinery, automotive and household goods

Iron and steel products, ferrous metal products such as cast steel, alloy steel and carbon steel

Sea transport and long-term storage of valuable metal components



  • Protects immediately & efficiently
  • Simple & cost-optimized
  • Stocked goods WITHOUT loss of inhibitor
  • NO primary, secondary or tertiary amine compounds
  • NO nitrite compounds

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» K- Test   IKS Institut Dresden – 2017
» K-Test, intensive   IKS Institut Dresden – 2017

» K-Test   IKS Institut Dresden – 2014
» K-Test, intensive  IKS Institut Dresden – 2014

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